Dear Festividder Letter
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Dear Festividder,

Thank you for being super awesome and making things! You are amazing :D

Firstly and most importantly: I hope you have fun creating your assigment and I am so excited to see the end result. I assure you that I will love whatever you make.

If you don't want any guidelines from me and just want to start vidding then feel free to ignore my post! I don't want to get in the way of the creative process.

If, however, you would like to know what it is that makes me excited about my nominations then read on:
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New Vid: Calvary - Monument [VidUKon]
Source: Calvary
Music: Monument | Röyksopp & Robyn
Runtime 03:06
Premiered in the Eurovision vidshow at vidukon 2016.
Crossposted to: Tumblr | Ao3 | DW
Warnings: Blood, major character death
Summary: After he is threatened during a confession, a good-natured priest has a week to get his affairs in order and make his peace with those he loves.

Finally posting this to DW and LJ, took me long enough!
This version differs slightly from the vid shown at the con. No big changes, just tightened it a bit - for the better I think - as I was a bit rushed when submitting it.

Festivids 2015 Recs
Festivids is live and I've received two amazing amazing vids! Thanks so much anons. You are awesome!! <3<3

The Punisher (1989)
Break You Hard - Kiss kill the boys and make them cry.
So Dolph Lundgren played Frank Castle in the 80's and it is the best Punisher film out there I tell no lies. It is utterly glorious and there is now an equally glorious vid to go with it. I can't contain my love for this vid, go watch it right now!

Henry V (1989)
Welcome to the Jungle - it bring you to your knees.
1989 was obviously an excellent year for films as it not only brought us Dolph's Punisher but also Kenneth Branagh's Henry V. It has a special place in my heart and I have craved a vid for it for many years. The craving has been satisfied :D Go watch! 2Cellos' excellent Guns n' Roses cover is brilliant accompaniment to king Hal.

Now onto some more Festivids recs. I haven't watched that many vids yet, and it feels like I'm reccing most of what I watched, but these are all so good I couldn't not rec them:

Blank Space - Flirter by assassination. (MacGuyver/Murdoc).
Tyler Swift's Blank Space seems to be the villian/hero love song. I'm not going to dispute that, not when this type of vid is the result. I haven't watched MacGuyver in years, but it seems I wasn't just fondly remembering the MacGuyver/Murdoc chemistry, it was in fact very real :D

About a Girl - Fergie in the black-and-white room.
I haven't watched the other Ex-Machina vids yet, but I think I should only watch them once I'm over this one. As someone commented, it manages to make the Black-Eyed Peas' My Humps sinister. How is that possible?? Even if you haven't seen the film you must watch this vid. NSFW.

Dazed and Confused
Shady Love - First day of summer in the shady Texas 70s.
Aww. All the love I have for this film is encapsulated in this vid. The shady 7os indeed.

Here it Goes Again - I should have known.
This is such a fun vid! If you're not familiar with Chopped, it is a cooking show where four chefs are given bizarre ingredients to prepare three course meals. The best type of face off possible. This vid is everything you could dream of for a Chopped vid, something that I would not have imagined ever, as I lack imagination. Go watch to see who will be chopped ;D

Black Sails
Still Alive - for the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead). Captain Flint character study, Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton/Miranda Hamilton
*heart eye emoji* The vidders this year are so talented. Case in point this brilliantly funny, yet totally serious and heart wrenching Black Sails vid. Captain Flint feels FANTASTIC and is still alive. He's not lying.

New vid - Festivids 2015 - The Secret Garden - Return to | of | from (for tamcranver)
Source: The Secret Garden (1993)
Music: Comptine d`un autre été - l`après-midi | Yann Tiersen
Runtime 02:39
Made for tamcranver for festivids 2015. Originally posted here.
Crossposted to: Tumblr | Ao3 | DW

The Secret Garden was one of my favourite films growing up (and one of the few non scifi/fantasy books I loved) and I was super excited to vid it. I immediately knew I wanted to use a song from the Amelie soundtrack and had picked this one within a minute of skipping through tracks. All in all I think this is the fastest a vid has ever come together for me, but I knew exactly the story I wanted to tell from the get go so that probably helped!
Fun was had making this and it was so nice to see in the comments that it struck a cord with others too :)

Return to | Return from from condnsdmlk on Vimeo.

New vid - Festivids 2015 - Night & Day Watch - Say Your Goodbyes (for Franzeska)
Source: Night Watch [2004] & Day Watch [2006]
Music: Beautiful Crime | Tamer
Runtime 04:27
Made for franzeska for festivids 2015. Originally posted here.
Crossposted to: Tumblr | Ao3 | DW

I love these movies and was very excited to vid them. The song spoke to me immediately but I searched for something else for a while (as this one had been vidded a few times!) but nothing else grabbed my attention and fit the story I wanted to tell as much as this one.
I had a great time rewatching the films (and vidding them) and finally ended up reading the books too (something I had been meaning to do but never got round to). I'm pretty please with the result and had fun vidding it so Festivids 2015 was a win!

Say Your Goodbyes from condnsdmlk on Vimeo.

Holiday Cards
Eek I'm leaving this post really late! I'm sending out cards to everyone who wants one :D:D:D
If you want me to send you a card just comment with your address and I will send you one. Comments are screened.
This year I don't foresee any issues with cards going missing as we have had no postal strikes (yay!)

Dear Festividder
Dear Festividder,

Firstly, as always, thanks for being extremely awesome and for making me a vid! <3<3 in advance :D

I'm going to be my usual self and recycle bits of my letter from last year (and the year before), some fandoms seem to make it onto my list every year.

Here goes:

Firstly and most importantly: I hope you have fun making my vid and I am so excited to see the end result :)

If you don't want any guidelines and just want to start vidding then feel free to ignore my post! I don't want to get in the way of the creative process and I can say with certainty that I will love whatever vid you choose to make from my chosen fandoms :-) If, however, you would like to know what it is that makes me excited about my nominations then read on...

I don't really have any music preferences and certainly don't have songs that I associate with any of the sources. I like most music (pop to black metal and most of everything in between).  If you want to get some insight into what music I like check out my music tag on tumblr. All I can say is go wild. I Iove being introduced to new music, so go for something as obscure as you want. You don't have to stick to English language songs at all.

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And that's it! Not much help I fear, but that's about as coherent as I get. Mostly I just want you to have a good time vidding your assignment. If you enjoy the vid yourself I'll love it too!

New Vid: Pride - Power in Union
Source: Pride (2014)
Music: Power in a Union | Billy Bragg
Runtime 02:51

Summary: It all amounts to nothing if together we don't stand.

Power in Union from condnsdmlk on Vimeo.

Download & links: download (soon) | DW | Ao3 | Tumblr

Premiered at vidukon 2015.
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New Vid: The Big Blue - La Mer (VidUKon)
Source: The Big Blue (1988)
Music: La Mer | Nine Inch Nails
Runtime 04:41
Warnings: Major character death

I'll become the sky
and I'll become the sea
and the sea will come to kiss me
for I am going

La Mer from condnsdmlk on Vimeo.

Download & link: download (soon) | DW | Ao3 | Tumblr

Made for the Eurovision vidshow at vidukon 2015.

New Vid - Jump Street Films - You've Got That (for lilly-the-kid)
Homestuck - Dave - bringing sexy back
Source: 21 & 22 Jump Street
Music: Super Bass | Nicki Minaj
Runtime 03:23
Pairing: Schmidt/Jenko
Warnings: So much fun!

Download & links: Download (66mb) | DW | Ao3 | Tumblr

Made for Festivids 2014 for lilly_the_kid . I was super amused when I got my assignment and had so much fun making it. These guys!
Thanks for requesting Jump Street, I never would have vidded it else and it was great!

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